Advanced medical device innovation, Amet can better meet the medical needs of the industry and make human beings healthier

Cardiovascular intervention Cardiovascular intervention Peripheral Vascular Intervention Peripheral Vascular Intervention Neurointervention Neurointervention Non-vascular intervention Non-vascular intervention

Cardiovascular intervention

▷ High Pressure Balloon Dilatation Catheter
▷ Fully Degradable Coronary Drug-eluting Stent System

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Peripheral Vascular Intervention

▷ Fully degradable peripheral vascular drug-eluting stent system

▷ Bioabsorbable below-knee vascular drug-eluting stent system

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▷ Bioabsorbable vertebral artery drug-eluting stent syste

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Non-vascular intervention

▷ Biodegradable biliary stent

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The research and development institution of fully degradable vascular stent

Relying on its core 3D printing patent technology, the company will continue to expand its application fields, and is committed to the research and development, production and sales of fully absorbable...


Open a healthy future and bring reliable and safe medical products to the world

Beijing Amet is an innovative enterprise focusing on the research and development and production of degradable medical devices using 3D precision printing technology.

The company has the patented technology of 3D rapid vascular stent manufacturing and complete independent intellectual property rights.

Here, there are opportunities to challenge the impossible

At Amet, you will get good career development opportunities in a corporate culture with strong innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, so you can choose a career development path that suits you.

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