Technology Platform

Amet Medical Devices Co., Ltd. uses the self-developed 3D printing technology as the platform for the development and production of absorbable stents. Several US and Chinese patents have been applied for this technology. Among them, "method and equipment for preparing three-dimensional porous tubular stent" has been authorized by China patent.

At present, most vascular stent products are prepared by laser cutting technology. Using this technique first requires the preparation of thin-walled tubes, which are then laser-cut to produce stents with specific structures. The 3D multi-axis curved stent printing technology adopted by Amet Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is completely different from the laser cutting technology. This technology uses a unique three-dimensional rapid and precise forming technology to prepare absorbable polymer vascular stents. More importantly, the use of 3D printing technology to prepare absorbable vascular stents has broken through the blockade of foreign patented technologies, and is a major innovative technology in the field of additive manufacturing in my country.

Tubular tissue engineering scaffolds with various porous structures can also be prepared using Amet's 3D printing technology, which has broad application prospects in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

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