Clinical medical director

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the clinical research work of all clinical projects (including the formulation of clinical trial plans, selection of clinical research bases, contract negotiation, clinical monitoring, clinical research progress control, etc.);

2. Responsible for the internal verification and quality control of all projects, supervise the completion of the comprehensive start, execution and end of clinical trials on time, and ensure that clinical trials of each project are carried out in strict accordance with national regulations, clinical trial protocols and company SOPs;

3. Responsible for preclinical animal experimental research, including the formulation of experimental protocols, selection of experimental bases, data analysis, etc.;

4. Responsible for external product use training;

5. Write academic papers, participate in relevant academic conferences at home and abroad and make academic reports;

6. From the perspective of clinical medicine, the feasibility assessment of the company's project product varieties;

7. Responsible for external communication and coordination of preclinical and clinical projects;

8. Responsible for budget formulation, implementation and control of preclinical and clinical research projects;

9. Submit the monthly work plan and summary of the position according to the company's general plan, and conduct monthly debriefing;

10. Other work assigned by the leader.


job requirements:

1. Graduated from clinical medicine, biology, pharmacy, and medicine, with more than 3 years of clinical intervention and implantation experience;

2. More than 5 years of work experience in clinical research of first-class new drugs or medical devices in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies or CRO companies, and more than 3 years of project management work experience and team management experience;

3. Have highly clear written and oral expression skills, be good at active and active communication; have the ability to work independently, but at the same time have a strong collective awareness and excellent teamwork spirit; have excellent problem-solving skills and emergency plans Management ability; able to independently consult relevant documents and write various reports in both Chinese and English;

4. Able to travel frequently.

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