clinical monitor

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the implementation of relevant clinical projects, in strict accordance with the requirements of GCP and the test plan, and timely deal with various matters that occur in the clinical trial;

2. Establish a friendly cooperative relationship with clinicians and assist researchers to solve problems in the trial in a timely manner;

3. Establish a good cooperative relationship with clinical trial institutions, promote the progress of clinical trials, and solve problems in trials;

4. Responsible for clinical inspection of the entrusted CRO project, discover and correct the problems in time;

5. Responsible for the collection and arrangement of relevant project records;

6. Ensure that the test documents and test equipment are properly kept and archived.


job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine, biomedical engineering, pharmacy and other related majors;

2. Those who have participated in clinical monitoring work and GCP training, and are familiar with GCP and related regulations are preferred;

3. Experience in cardiology and cardiac surgery is preferred;

4. Clear written and oral expression skills, strong sense of service and collective concept;

5. CET-4 or above, with certain reading and writing skills;

6. Able to travel;

7. Fresh graduates with excellent conditions are also welcome;

8. Beijing household registration can be solved.

Working place: Zhongguancun Medical Device Industrial Park, Biomedical Base, Daxing District, Beijing, if you are interested, please send your resume to: