Physical and chemical inspector

Job Responsibilities:

1. In strict accordance with the quality standards and inspection procedures, conduct physical and chemical performance inspections on raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, intermediate products, finished products, and process water, and issue an inspection report, and be responsible for the authenticity of the inspection and the accuracy of the results;

2. Responsible for the physical and chemical analysis of polymer materials;

3. Able to operate GPC, DSC, HPLC, TGA and GC proficiently, and be able to analyze instrument failures and perform routine maintenance of instruments;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in related majors such as polymer materials, drug analysis, biomedicine, chemistry, etc., working experience in the medical device industry is preferred;

2. Familiar with methodology development and methodology validation, at least one year of experience in pharmaceutical QC, medical device QC or R&D analysis;

3. Familiar with GMP specifications for medical devices and ISO13485;

4. Have a good teamwork spirit and pioneering and innovative spirit;

5. Fresh graduates with excellent conditions are also welcome;

6. It can solve the Beijing household registration;

7. Those with full-time inspector certificate (physical and chemical inspector certificate/analytical analyst qualification certificate) are preferred.

Working place: Zhongguancun Medical Device Industrial Park, Daxing District, Beijing.

Interested parties please send your resume to: